Warranty conditions

Extended warranty terms:

1. The warranty service for this receipt lasts 3-12 months from the date the buyer receives the goods. The warranty does not cover consumables or components that need to be replaced during the life of the goods, such as non-rechargeable batteries. When a warranty event occurs, all postage will be paid by the buyer.
2. The warranty service is provided with the serial number of the goods until the end of the warranty period. The warranty is void if the serial number of the goods has been altered, erased, deleted or illegible. The warranty does not cover transport or transport risks, damage or defects in use, nor the operation and use of the goods, which does not correspond to normal use.
3. The warranty does not cover damage or modification caused by viruses or software not present in the product, or by incorrect software installation and BIOS update.
4. The warranty applies only to parts of the device, but not to the software.
Before using the machine, we recommend that you create an operating system recovery disc and a copy of the operating system. It is installed on Windows using the “Backup and Restore” tool. We recommend that you keep a copy of your operating system on an external hard disk. The copy size is about 30GB.
We are not responsible for the operation of the operating system after the customer has implemented it.
The warranty does not cover files lost from the hard disk.
5. The warranty is void after repairs or attempted repairs by other persons or organizations.
6. The warranty does not cover damage to the goods during use of the device, which resulted in physical, cosmetic or surface damage. Also does not cover damage to LCD screens and liquid damage.
7. The warranty case must be notified by e-mail within 364 days of the purchase of the goods, ie within the warranty period.
8. If a maximum of 5 pixels appears on the screen during the warranty period, this is not a warranty case. 6 pixels and more is
warranty 9. This extended warranty does not cover shipping costs and risks.
10. All serial numbers are recorded.
11. A failed Windows 10 upgrade is not covered by the warranty.
We cannot guarantee that Windows 10 will work properly,
if Windows 10 installs the wrong drivers during the updates.
For example, sound, video controller, touch mouse, Wi-Fi, etc. may stop working.
If you are installing Windows 10, it is your responsibility.
See more at http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10?tab=Threads
We do not recommend installing drivers through Windows update
(optional updates), as this may cause problems with your computer.
12. One or more
4-digit or 6-digit warranty labels are affixed to the computers . Warranty repairs should only be made by us.
The warranty sticker must not be removed, otherwise the warranty will be void.
The customer pays the postage for warranty repair.

Additional warranty information:

Our company is a registered Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we make sure that we only use original registered Microsoft operating systems.

All of our computers are sold and returned only with the original Windows operating system, and / or with free operating system and software such as Linux and LibreOffice.

The version of the Windows operating system is similar to the version described on the machine’s license label. The license key can be found on the bottom of the machine, under the battery, or on the back of the case (Does not apply to Windows 8 or later.) The key to activate Windows can be found on the license label or in the certificate that came with the machine. You can use this activation key if you reset Windows to factory settings or reinstall Windows yourself.

If your computer is originally running Windows 8 or later, the license can only be found in the BIOS. Activation takes place automatically.

We do not recommend installing an operating system other than the one shown on the license label. If you install a different operating system, the machine manufacturer does not guarantee that the computer will function properly and as intended.

We do not guarantee that the installed operating system will work fully, as users will be allowed to make changes to the operating system, which may interfere with the operation of the system. This is the user’s own responsibility.

We only guarantee the operation of electronic components in normal use. We will repair defects free of charge if the machine has broken down during normal use. If repair is not possible, we will exchange the product for another similar product.

You have 14 days to return the purchased device if for some reason the device is not suitable for you. See Delivery Terms for more information .

By ordering our products, you accept these warranty conditions.

Sincerely, Uskonnen Oy